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07/26/13 - What Our Customers Are Saying!

Recently we received a message from one of our customers regarding the service they received from Diligent. Listed below are ju…

07/12/13 - Simple LTL Solutions

Did you know that today more companies are looking for more efficient means to quote, book, and track their LTL shipments?

08/08/13 - Five Back-2-School Tips & Tricks

Yes Folks, it’s THAT time of year again, and the mad rush is on as we count down the days before the start of the new school yea…

09/17/13 - Driver Appreciation

Appreciating those who move America, our global truck drivers!

10/02/13 - Booming Business

The American trucking industry continues to boom as oil production increases across the country.

Acquisition Opportunities - Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 22, 2013 - Diligent Delivery Systems is Seeking Acquisition Opportunities Houston Texas – EVE Sp…

11/4/13 - An Exceptional IC

Our 2013 Exceptional IC Award Winner was acknowledged at this year's National Meeting.

3 Reasons to Choose Diligent for Your Dedicated Delivery Needs

In a recent article from Transport Topics, we read that trucking fleet companies are under budget constraints due to maintenance…

Career Opportunities - Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 6, 2014 - Diligent is expanding operations, and we are in need of business professionals to assist us…

05/31/13 - Shipping To SERVE Update

Your support this past week has had a significant impact on our family and friends in Moore and Oklahoma City.
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